Monday, 23 June 2014

Creative Post Review | watch Video Creative Post Demo

Creative Post is an automated all inclusive software that allows users to post on TOP classifieds craigslist, back-pages and many others in bulk or auto pilot

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Easy Sketch Pro Review | Watch Video Easy Sketch Pro Video Yacht Intro

Easy Sketch Pro is an incredible new software that will draw unlimited animated sketch videos using a unique “Drag & Drop” Interface.
Easy Sketch Pro Is An Amazing New Software Tool That Creates Doodle Videos on the fly.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Scarcity Demon Review | Watch Video About Scarcity Demon Demo

Scarcity Demon uses the power of urgency to convey your sales a huge boost which means that massive profits striking your bank account!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Content Curation Plugin Review - Product Overview and a Glimpse on the ...

Content Curation Plugin uses Google’s own alerts system to make sure it gathers the most up-to-date content available

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Total Local Domination Review

Total Local Domination : Using RTB (Real-Time Bidding) and advanced SEO techniques, I show how to build, rank, and monetize a Local Niche Sites Empire.  And I take support very seriously.
I have a 1,000 such sites which I have been successfully renting out for the past 6 years for net profits of over $1 Million a year.  For the first time ever, I am teaching my techniques.  And now they are even more powerful because I have fully integrated the astonishing power of RTB with my SEO methodologies.
I also own one of the world’s largest RTB agencies.  For those who don’t know, RTB is the most powerful force the marketing world, not just the IM world, has ever seen.  You probably haven’t heard of it yet, but you have bought because of it.  It is already a 3.8 Billion dollar industry and is growing like wildfire.  Up until now, RTB has only been available to Fortune 1000 companies.  I am bringing it to the masses.
The MasterCourse will be a pre-recorded webinar embedded in a short sales page.  For well-known affiliates, I can partner up with you on a Live Sales Webinar.
Total Local Domination is a Master Course by BrentDotCom on how to build a 1,000 Local Niche Site Empire using RTB (Real-Time Bidding) and advanced SEO techniques specifically geared toward 2014 and beyond.  For those who are unaware, RTB is completely revolutionizing Marketing as you read this.
What is Total Local Domination ?
I will consider doing a LIVE SALES WEBINAR with you and your email list. This webinar will convert very well. Email if this is something you want to explore.

RTB is a $3.8 BILLION Industry because, not only is the Fortune 1000 using it to make their advertising much more effective, but Google & Facebook have also completely adopted the technology. I have now brought RTB to the masses and fully integrated its astonishing power into building and monetizing local niche sites.

What’s In The Course: This master course is an Exact Step blueprint requiring no previous knowledge of building websites. Some of the topics: The Best Niches and Geo Areas, How to Choose Domain Names, What Hosting to Use, Protection & Backup of Sites, Precisely How to Build the Sites, What RTB & Onsite and Offsite SEO Really Works, Properly Using Press Releases, Adding Video, How Much to Rent Sites For, Easily Renting Sites, Advanced RTB Methods to Use, Ongoing Maintenance of Sites, Incredible Support and Much More. Nothing is Left to Chance.

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